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30 less than, by shalott. sheppard/mckay, nc-17, and that i can not assist believing that which tale will be, oh, the original step 1/5th otherwise step one/3rd away from anything longer and extremely good. but it’s version of hot, especially if you like the revealing-enthusiasm cliche, and it is cute and you may comedy, and the characterisation excellent.

time in a container, by shalott. sheppard/mckay, roentgen. this really is an extremely bold a lot of time facts where john and you can rodney score trapped during the a virtual truth environment. the action offers more than more per year, nevertheless discusses far more psychological space than simply you to, exhaustively cataloguing your way off hardly being able to stand for each and every almost every other in order to an intense psychological and you can sexual relationships. it gives a precise sense of the length of time on it, the latest monotony out of lifetime, the fresh new thoughts of one’s emails, even if thereupon long regarding the handbag it can’t in reality detail every action and innovation. it’s breathtaking that it functions very well once the a natural entire considering the blend of outline and you will skimming which have been skilfully, nearly perfectly intercut and you can blended.

in sea, because of the shalott. sheppard/mckay, roentgen, a broken-away bien au born from a good badfic difficulties. she interprets the newest intent of one’s quick extremely loosely in order to make a humorous and you will partial-sensible facts with rodney the fresh new underaged doctoral student tutoring john the brand new rotc frat boy from inside the physics. rodney’s narrative voice is actually humorous of course.

the reverse regarding curiosity, from the shrift. sheppard/mckay, nc-17. a little spoily to have “this new intruder”, however, white-hearted and fulfilling and you may packed with bantery dialogue. “Is the fact Morse code getting ‘I forgot in order to pack any kind regarding recreation getting a-two-and-a-half few days trip in the an enclosed space’, Biggest?”

sga snippet to own isilya, by silvia kundera. sheppard/mckay. a preliminary, high character examination of sheppard that skips courtesy childhood up so you can atlantis and you will unrequited crave to own mckay with fantastic build and you will higher bits of belief.

terra firma, of the sinden. sheppard/mckay, r. between the siege iii in addition to intruder, mckay pov, first time. concise, most also paced, and really fairly adorable. “You aren’t very pissed, are you? ” “Any. Stop acting such as a good banged canine, it certainly makes you appear to be an enthusiastic idiot. You may be a visitor, I guess you happen to be called.” Rodney surf their give and aims to have grateful. “Do you need certainly to select my personal favorite?”

the lysistrata opportunity, because of the siriaeve. particular het sexual articles (beckett/cadman and mckay/brown recommended, such as); humour; r. an excellently-timed comic short story centered on aristophanes (!) the spot where the women out of atlantis do a tiny conspiracy to bring new men’s actions under control. light and you may fun, with many really good conversation.

It’s good

untitled snip by the sjkasabi, gen, teyla. only three paragraphs, however, intriguing and a, and i also imagine the brand new backstory to have teyla is actually surprising and you may original however, fitting.

upright on right up until early morning, from the smitty. sheppard/mckay, pg. this is a fairly quick sheppard pov section, introspective, and you may which has a reasonable number of conclusion-ish exposition. it really works besides; i found the new sheppardy story sound lovely. set early in year you to definitely.

history have a tendency to and testament, from the speranza. sheppard/mckay, nc-17, Bien au, incestish. this might be a bien au novella that has been created of one’s harlequin issue absolutely gorgeous Nagoya women, however it is not to help you formula. it has got particular comedy and several step and you may adventure type of blogs, certain mysteriousness, certain sex, and a lot of parental factors. extremely humorous.

learning how to breathe, because of the speranza. sheppard. quite gen, however, perhaps there is a hint off mckay also. she relates to it as “sheppard/atlantis”. in any event, the idea as well as the technical are just. really cool.

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